My Printer’s cabinet

If organising was a hobby, it probably would be one of mine. I love making labels to organise things and try out different storage solutions. The problem with a growing stash of needlecraft items is that you quickly outgrow the solutions you have previously used or that they don’t seem to fit the bill anymore.…

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Rose Brooch

At the beginning of last month, Catherine (of Hillview Embroidery) and I attended a workshop by Jenny Adin-Christie at Au ver a Soie in Paris. This weekend I finished the brooch we started during the workshop. It is really fun little project and in the process of making the brooch, you learn lots of essential…

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During the past week, I have been embroidering a Sashiko sampler. Sashiko, which literally means little stabs or little pierce, is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan that started out in the 17th century. It was originally used to reinforce homespun clothes and to repair worn places or tears with patches. The technique…

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