My embroidery workbag

Today I thought I would share the contents of my embroidery workbag with you. I always like reading about tools and gadgets other people are using so I hope you like that too. My workbag has been evolving quite a bit over the past year because I have been getting into different kinds of embroidery…

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My goldwork pheasant

It is finished! I can’t believe it I have actually completed it. In a previous post I have written about starting this project from Inspirations Magazine 93 (design by Jenny Adin -Christie) and how much I loved the design. I really happy with the final result and how it resembles to original design but that…

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Can’t believe I have actually finished it! Moreover, I have finished it within the 14 weeks set for the CAL, even though we have been on holiday for a large part of it. When I started in the middle of February I was very excited about the CAL but also a bit scared as I hadn’t…

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