It took some patience on my part but I finally picked up my framed pheasant today. In a previous post I have written about stitching this design by Jenny Adin-Christie for Inspirations magazine. I was already really happy with the result but now it just looks even better, if that is even possible! Believe me when I say that the picture in the header really doesn’t do it justice.  Hopefully I can share the real thing with some of you in the near future!

I was really worried how it would turn out especially since the metal threads are really fragile but my local framer Jan d’Art did a fantastic job. They have framed two large cross stitch projects for me before and I had been really happy with how they turned out.

As you can tell from the pictures above there is a reflection visible in the glass. I had  been tempted at the time to go for museum-quality glass as it is antiglare but because of the size of the pane it became really expensive and I didn’t think it was worth it.

Since this is a smaller project I did decide to go for the antiglare option and it was well worth the extra €20,- as you can’t really tell the glass is there now. I constantly want to touch the metal threads as they seem to be exposed and not protected by a pane of glass. It think it was also a good choice since the metal threads reflect light already and now they are not reflected by the glass as well.

Craft-wise it has been a rather quiet week as I have been getting on with my 3d cross stitch church by the Nutmeg Company. I thought I would be good for a change and try to finish a WIP rather than start something new. By now I have finished all of the cross stitches on the nave and I am working on the backstitches. The weather has been far to warm over here in the Netherlands to work quickly so it has been slow going the past week.

3d miniature church (kit by the Nutmeg Company)

After next weekend there will be some more exciting projects coming up as I will be at the RSN for two more day classes. The first will be on stump- and ribbon work and the second on Jacobean Crewelwork. I am really excited about them and I can’t wait to share my progress with you all.

I have also spoken to the course administrator for the RSN certificate course and I will be handing in my booking form after my next two classes. So I guess it is all happening now! I have already been busy looking at examples of Jacobean Crewelwork to get some inspiration and reading through the RSN Stitch Guide on Crewelwork. So I am getting there.

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3 replies on “My pheasant is back!

  1. Your pheasant has turned out beautifully, and the framing just brings him into focus and sets him off nicely. As you say, framing is important. Usuallly it improves a piece, but sometimes it doesn’t, and until it comes back looking good you’re never quite sure the decisions were right… Such a relief when it works as spectacularly well as this

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  2. The framing is impeccable! It has really finished the piece off so well. I was wondering how you were able to photograph it without any reflection- definitely worth the extra money!
    Can’t wait to hear about your next couple of day classes and for you to start the Certificate!

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