Feeling rather brave but a bit mad at the same time having picked my next project. Since I have no WIPs lying around I could pick any of the kits in my stash. I am going to attempt a Trish Burr miniature needle painting design!

I picked up this kit at Create in Stitch when we were in Adelaide in March. The kit is called ‘For the Love of Wrens’ and features a male and female superb fairy wrens.

I had seen an embroidery design with a male wren before and I had always thought the design was imagined because I didn’t such a bright blue bird would exist. To my surprise, it featured in some displays in the Melbourne Museum and it was even more exciting to spot the real thing on our travels in Warrnambool, Hall’s Gap and on Kangaroo Island. I really wanted to take a picture of them, but they never sat still enough for my simple camera to get into focus. All that I was left with were a couple of out of focus blue blurs. When I spotted this kit at Create in Stitch I just knew I had to get it as these will sit still!

When looking through the very detailed and full-colour instructions, which are in the Kit, my choice did scare me quite a bit but hopefully, it is a challenge I can manage. At the moment, though, I am wondering what I got myself into!

The kit I bought is actually a pattern and print so you have to get the threads yourself. Fortunately, Trish Burr mostly uses standard DMC standard cotton in her designs and I had all, apart from one (there always is), in my stash. I got them all organised in my Pako floss organiser last night. They look lovely together and give a glimpse of what the final design must look like. Apart from the single DMC colour I have to buy,  I only need to buy two Anchor stranded cotton colours and two Gütermann spools. Those colours are not used straight away so I fortunately already can get started.


It is my birthday coming up in two days time and I have asked for a contribution for a new magnifying light as the one I use at the moment is very small and doesn’t stay put, so I really like to replace it with a better model that will help me during my certificate course and beyond. I will also need to use it for most of this design as I know otherwise I will be cheating and peering from underneath my glasses and strain my eyes.

I am still in two minds which magnifying light I will get. I want to get a higher end model that will last me for a good few years. Can you let me know whether you can recommend either? I am torn between the Daylight Slimline LED Magnifying Lamp (D25030) and the Daylight LED Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp XR (D25080). Thank you for your help!

I will, of course, keep you posted about my progress on this kit and once I have bought a new magnifying light I will post a review!


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8 replies on “Superb Fairy Wrens

    1. It is really handy, as you can use it again and again. I am still planning to make a little pouch for it (for travelling and keeping the threads neat). When I do, I will post a how-to.

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  1. What a lovely little design! I love her miniature designs. Though the thought of putting that much detail in a small area is somewhat terrifying! I’ve not used either of those magnifiers, but they are both daylight company so will be good quality. I would suggest seeing them in person if possible, as it will help your decision when you see them

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    1. I know! But the design doesn’t seem that small as it is bigger than my goldwork pheasant. The design would have just fitted in a 6 inch hoop. I have used an 8 inch just incase I marked the edges.

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