Today I have visited the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. I really like this show at it has a great mix of all types of yarn, thread and fabric crafts and it has a good mix of small businesses/individual designers and bigger companies.  I have been for these past two years but unlike previous years I didn’t book any workshops (I have already many classes coming up ;-)), so I only went for one day.  Like previous years, though, I got myself a VIP-ticket to the show, as after the first time I got that kind of ticket I just have to take advantage of it again. The VIP-ticket is more expensive than a regular ticket but it includes dedicated seating, cloakroom, gift, seperate entrance and some discounts. Especially the dedicated seating I find worth the extra expense as it means there is always a comfy seat when you want to rest your feet, and space to do a bit of crafting! The seperate entrance is also a great bonus as you get into the show much faster as the queue is so much shorter (or no queue at all!)

Since I am staying near Hampton Court Palace for my certificate classes at the Royal School of Needlework I had quite a long journey across London to get to Alexandra Palace. However, it being Sunday morning the roads and the tube was really quiet so I even managed to get some crorcheting done.


On arrival at the show and once the doors opened I immediately headed for the Toft stand to pick up my order and buy Kerry Lord’s new dolls book and sheep magazine. If I didn’t know already how popular Toft is, the stans proved it as it was already busy just after opening! Fortunately Kerry Lord could spare some time to sign my book and pause for a photograph with Seth and I. She loved my sheep! However, when looking at the sheep on display I should stuff them even less than I have been. I thought I was already understuffing them.


Next I went to the Golden Hinde stand to buy some metal work embroidery supplies. I really enjoy goldwork but the ‘gold’-look is not really my thing. When I stitched my pheasant I learned that there are many colours you can stitch with and you don’t need to limit yourself to gold. I chose some lovely muted pinks, purples and greens as well as some silvers, which are more my cup of tea. Can’t wait to design something really nice with them, that is really me!


After a cup of tea I zigzagged through all of the isles in the main court and spotted some really nice projects and design but the show was already getting busier and busier.

My next stop was at Yazzii. I had already come across Yazzii bags before but I had to always order them online straight from Australia. It was really nice to have a look at all of the designs they have and chat to the owner Yasmita Magan, who even remembered that I had ordered before. The great thing I learned was that there will be a distributor in the Netherlands selling to shops in the Netherlands and in the UK. They will let me know the name of the distributor so I will keep you posted!


I also bought a pair of very fine curved embroidery scissors by Ernest Wright as recommended by Catherine of Hillview Embroidery. I jad a practise and they seem to do the job really well, so I can’t wait to try them properly.

The display I enjoyed the most was by Hand & Lock: The Embellished Handbag. In which Hand & Lock have cooperated with a selection of luxury accessory companies to create uniquely embellished handbags. One of the bags they have decorated is by the Cambridge Satchel Company, which was really fun to see as I own one of their bags.

My haul for the day ended with the purchase of some yarn in pastel shades by Home Warm Wensleydales, some needles (you can never have enough spares) from John James Needles and some stitchmarkers from Hiya Hiya.

All in all it was a great day. Time now to relax and to prepare for my course tomorrow. I do have to apologise for the look of this post. I don’t have my laptop with me or my usual photograph backgrounds but I didn’t want to wait with my post.

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24 replies on “Knitting & Stitching Show

  1. I felt the same about gold work at first – a little too ‘blingy’ – but now (maybe due to old age!) I find that I am quite drawn to it! Wish I could have gone to the show, it sounds brilliant – but it has been fun to read about it. Good luck with your Jacobean work. I remember the beginning and it does feel a little daunting with everyone else busy with projects around the room – but you soon settle in and everyone is so friendly. Look forward to seeing the end project, in the meantime, enjoy the experience!

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    1. Thank you! Hope to be sharing my experience at the RSN so far in a new post tomorrow as it is my day off. I already felt more at home yesterday and it was only my second day!


      1. I have actually booked another class for tomorrow. It was going so well today and I was really enjoying it that I want to get as much out of my week here as possible! There are some pictures on the Stitching Sheep’s Facebook and Instagram pages but the post might have to wait until I get home but I will be writing one, I promiss!


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your day! I think I’m a bit like you with the goldwork, but need to get my head into gear to design and stitch something entirely in gold. So I’m thinking of ways to incorporate colour by using the background colour instead!

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    1. The goldwork pieces with a coloured background (royal blue, red) always look really striking even though it is not my cup of tea. Are you not allowed to use any colours for the certificate module? You can in the advanced module as a lady in my class was planning her design today. Did you have a nice day at the show on Saturday?

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      1. The Certificate piece has to be all gold only, which isn’t my cup of tea, but that’s not the point I guess! You have to wait for the Diploma to use other colours.
        I had a lovely day thank you. I’m planning on showing what I purchased and a few other photos as soon as I sort this ** phone out!
        Did you enjoy your first day at class?

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      2. I did, but it was a scary at first as I was the only new one, everyone else already had fantastic pieces going! They immediately gave me a big pile of books to look through and design my piece which was very nerve racking but with a bit of help and a few tries I got there in the end. I am all framed up and my design is pricked, so pounce and paint tomorrow. Been colouring in my design tonight, but I will have another look in the morning to see if I am still happy with it. It was a lot to take in today.

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      3. Oddly enough I got this feeling today that I don’t want to share it just yet. I have never had a problem with sharing my work in progress but now it is a design of my own I just want to surprise everyone with the final result! I might feel different tomorrow! Once I start blogging about it I probably want to share as much as possible! I can tell you that there is no proper tree and no hillocks and that there is a butterfly and a snail and the colours are pink, blue and green.

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  3. You seem to have had a great day. I learnt with Sarah from Golden Hind for a couple of years and am subscribed to the Toft magazine. It is a bit far for me to get to Alexandra Palace but most years I go to Harrogate. (not this year unfortunately)

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    1. Yes I did have a really good day. It is really good that the organisers have shows all over the country as it can be quite far and expensive to travel for just a day. Is it worthwhile subscribing to the magazine? Did you enjoy the Harrogate show when you went before?


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