Today is my first stint as an official blogger. I am blogging at the Kreadoe-show which is the largest craft show in the Netherlands. It is really a new experience for me blogging at an event, wearing an official blogger/vlogger t-shirt. I am not one for getting noticed but the bloggerspot is still relatively quiet so that works out for me. I have already met the two other bloggers of today Amanda and Monique, and we were able to share our blogging experiences. I also met some lovely exhibitors, who noticed my T-shirt and were eager to talk to me about their products.

On arrival at the show I did a quick dash around the show. Of course is stopped at Wolcafé to buy some more labels. I think I will order some more different Stitching Sheep labels from them soon so I have a larger variety I can use. My next dash was to the Scheepjes stand as I wanted to get the new Yarn bookazine and their swift. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually sell anything on their stand, you could only take part in a competition, which I did so I got a nice goody bag as a reward. Since they are a wholesaler they can’t sell anything directly to consumers so they have to direct you to one of their retailers, which unfortunately didn’t stock the swift I wanted. So I will have another hunt for it later.

I also stopped by the lovely ladies of Kei goed vilten to do a workshop. They were already run of their feet shortly after opening that I will drop by later to do my workshop. Unfortunately for me, they were busy throughout the day so I did not manage to do their workshop. It is definitely on my list for next time!

I did find a workshop spot at Slagletterplaatjes. The ladies there helped me make a cool keyring using metal stamps. It was really fun to do and quite pleased with the result for a first attempt. I actually ended up buying a metal stamp set so I can make some more labels at home! I chose a set with a font, which matches the Stitching Sheep font. I think I will have a go this weekend to make some.

At the stand of cats on appletrees I bought to small wall-stickers, which are really cute. Of what? Sheep of course. They are pictured in the last picture of this post.

Unfortunately, but as expected the embroidery shops were few and far between. I spotted three stands dedicated to cross-stitch but that was all I am afraid. There were some really lovely woolshops though. I did have a flick through my new Yarn magazine and I found a really lovely scarf to make so so I will need to find that Yarn to crochet it!

It was quite a new and exciting experience blogging on location and being noticed when going around the show. The T-shirt did help me to find it easier to approach people and talk about the Stitching Sheep, as I am usually too shy. However, it is quite difficult to write a proper blog using the WordPress app for Ipad as you can’t really do as much on it as on the real website. Hopefully, WordPress will improve the app in the next updates. Also the wifi was not as good as they promised, which made it difficult to upload photos and show my website on the big screen. However, this was the first time, I believe, Kreadoe had bloggers at the show so it is a learning curve for both but a very good iniative. I hope they will keep it and improve on it for next year!


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    1. It was a good day, but you never can see everything. It was great I was able to do a workshop in something entirely different. I have a lot of embroidery-promotion to do here in the Netherlands!

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