Counting down the last month of 2016 with an embroidery advent calendar was brilliant, and a lot healthier at the same time compared to the normal chocolate ones!

I only came across the availability of the advent calendar from a Facebook post by Once upon une fois on the 26th of November, which showed a photograph from a happy customer who had just received her calendar. I immediately surfed to Once Upon une Fois’ shop Atelier 196 and ordered mine. The price (including delivery to the Netherlands from France) was €43,01. Thinking I would not receive it before December, I was pleasantly surprised to receive it on the first of December and was able to open my first parcel that same day!

The calendar came in a lovely wrapped parcel with instructions on the front. The main instruction, repeated several times, was to resist opening all of the parcels at the same time! I unwrapped the tissue paper and put all of the parcels in a basket. Next years challenge will be to make an advent calendar with 25 different pockets to store all of the parcels in!

Every day was a joy to open the parcels as every singel one was lovely and different, and even included some Au ver à Soie items!

Every day included a small explanation about that day’s item and some words of encouragement to make something lovely with it. Since it is a french company which makes the calendar all of the texts are in french. Therefore, besides getting a lovely embroidery items every day it provided a 25-day course helping me to brush up my french!

Next year I will definitely be ordering another calendar. This year they had the offer of receiving an extra parcel if you ordered your calendar before November 1st. So be sure to check their site in October for your calendar!

Atelier 196 also have annual subscriptions of various Au ver à Soie threads on sale. If I  decide to take one out I will post about it to let you know!

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