For the past two days I have taken the sugar flowers foundation course at Squires Kitchen in Franham during which we have made a life size rose and blossoms.

On the first morning we started by making two rose buds, one of which we will be expanding to the large rose. Making the petals was difficult at first because they are very fragile but it did become easier with practise. The rose you can see in the pictures is at the second last stage. We have made the petals for the final layer but they had not dried enough for use to put them on. In between making the rose we glued stamens to wires ready to for the blossoms tomorrow.

On the second morning morning we finished our large rose by attaching the outer petals. Next we made the pear blossoms buds and attached Calyxes to all blossoms, buds and roses. The next challenge was to make the rose leaves and blossom leaves. Having used the grooved board and wires to make the large rose’s outer petals yesterday I did feel more confident and had far less tears and breakages. Paddi showed us how to dust the leaves to make them more relastic after which we taped them up to resemble rose leaves in their proper formation.
At the end of the day it was time to tie the whole lot together in a spray, which we all found very scary as we didn’t want to break anything at the last minute. Unfortunately I had to pack up really quickly to catch my train and flight so I wasn’t able to chat to everyone about the course and have a more relaxing packing up of my work. However, there was some time for quick photographs. One of the ladies from Squires Kitchen took a photograph of the while group, which might be used in their publications!

Have a look at the pictures and I hope they do justice to the final result!



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