This year was the first year I had bought the Devere Yarns Advent Calendar. I had come across Devere Yarns and the calendar on Jen Goodwin’s Instagram page and quickly found that two of my other stitching-friends had got one too!

Devere Yarns sell various options of their Calendar, all silk threads, all cotton threads, all wool, or a combination of all three. Since I was not familiar at all with their threads I opted for the combination. Besides the contents, you were also able to choose the wrapping to suit your decorating style or your Christmas tree, which I thought was a really nice touch. I went for the green, white and silver option.


It was a real joy putting it up and seeing the advent calendar get more colourful by the day (as I put the spool back in its bag after opening).


Being joined by @mystitchingjourney, @maerchanhaftesstickengrimm and @jagembroidery on Instagram opening our parcels added to the fun especially since we all received different threads each day! This meant the surprise of opening your parcel was never spoilt by seeing someone else’s picture as the combinations and/or the order of each calendar are all different. I think this is a really good idea from Devere Yarns. In times of social media and people sharing it is brilliant if you can keep the surprise!

In my parcels, I received 6 spools of embroidery cotton, 6 spools of worsted wool and 12 spools of pure silk thread (2 of each thickness). In the picture below you can see which colours I received and how they all match. I think I have put the silks in the correct order of thickness but until Jessica pointed out to me in the comments below that the actual thickness is hidden in the colour number (the first few digits are the thickness), I did it by eye. How stupid that I didn’t notice!

Devere Yarns have mentioned on their Social Media pages that there will be an advent calendar refill pack next year! Therefore you are encouraged to keep the numbered tags, bags and pegs to re-use next year. I think it is a brilliant idea to reduce wastage and I will definitely be ordering another calendar next year. Hopefully, there will be different colours so I can add to the collection. I have already ordered their Silk shade cards to mark off the ones I received!

I can’t wait to start using all of these beautiful colours. I am hoping that I can use at least some of them in my next RSN certificate project!

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6 replies on “My Devere Yarns Advent Calendar

  1. I too really enjoyed this advent calendar. I haven’t used these threads before either so it’s a great introduction to their threads. Now I just need a project that can be worked with them!

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  2. Lol, the thickness is on the spool, just a little bit hidden. The first numbers of the code on the spool refers to the thickness. There’s 6-fold loose twist, 12-fold tight twist, 18-fold tight, 36-fold tight & 60-fold loose twist.

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    1. Thank you! How silly of me! At least I can check now whether I got it right! Did you take a picture of all the colours you received? Curious to see which ones you all got!


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