Owing to decorating our bedroom and work being really busy, I have not had much time over the past few weeks to do a lot of crafting, let alone any time to write my blog. Our home was a complete mess with clothes, furniture, tools and cleaning equipment strewn all over the place I found it quite hard to find a space and a state of mind to relax and enjoy my embroidery or any other craft.

Now everything is slowly getting back to normal, I have also started to take a good look at my craft room to create a more relaxed, decluttered and calming space. I transformed our spare bedroom/dumping ground to my craft room about three years ago and I am really glad I did as have had so much use out of it. I know I am very lucky to have an entire room dedicated to my crafts. Even though it has only been three years, my room has been filling up with all sorts. When I am out shopping I really enjoy getting things for my craft room. That would be fine if the room is huge but measuring 3 metres by 3,5  metres it starts to fill up quite fast and ends up feeling really cluttered. It doesn’t help that I really like Cath Kidston’s stuff. Her prints are really lovely busy floral prints but in a smallish room they do take over the place, especially if you have a lot of different prints.

When I replaced my Ikea pinboard (covered in a Cath Kidston fabric) with a stylish Block pegboard, I immediately noticed how it changed the look of the room and decided to change a few more bits a piece to create stylish, calming space to enjoy crafting in. A more uncluttered space also shows off my makes much better.

As I enjoy clean lines, muted pastels and natural materials I have opted for a Scandinavian style. As I am slowly changing things I don’t have a completed room picture to share yet but I can share some of the smaller transformations with you. The Stitching Sheep is on Pinterest and besides boards on embroidery, crochet and other crafts there are also boards with craft room inspiration and a board with the items I currently use. Do check out those boards if you like what you see, but don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or are looking for recommendations!

I replaced my ceramic Cath Kidston pen holder with a stylish wooden desk storage tray by Hay.

Plants don’t survive well in my room (as I usually forget to water them…). That is why I have had a display of silk flowers in my room. I have replaced them with some cacti (which don’t need a lot of water) in some stylish pots.

As a ‘wool basket’ I used a cardboard Ikea box which I had covered. I have replaced it with a large jute basket from Yuyu.

My birthday money bought me another new addition to my room: a magnifying lamp! I ended up going for the Daylight LED Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp XR (D25080). So far I am really happy with it. I have used it when doing the stitches for my wrens and the lamp and large magnifier let me see everything very clearly. I will write a proper review once I have used it a little bit more.


Once my room has been completely transformed I will, of course, share pictures! Keep watching too for pictures of my finished Seth the Swaledale sheep I have been crocheting. I have finished the body parts and stuffed and sewn him together. Just the fleece left to do, but that is quite a job! I hope to have him done by next weekend!

The start of my certificate course at the RSN is also getting closer. Only five more weeks! Starting to get quite nervous about what it will really be like. Even though I have heard so many accounts from others, who have done the course or are currently on it, it always different when you experience it yourself. I hope to have my room already and organised by then, as I won’t have much time after I have started!


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12 replies on “My own little space

    1. I think it is actually from last year’s collection as I can’t find it online anymore (otherwise I would have provided a link), but I was lucky to find one at a Hay stockist, so you might get lucky too! The pegboards are brand new, so they should still be available to purchase (or you can make your own if you are good at DIY.


    1. Thank you Catherine! I realise that I am very lucky. I will have a look at your space. I am really glad my sense of organisation is coming back. It is really strange how a messy space and so many things on your mind can affect you. I am happy crocheting at the moment and I should be able to put my mind to more detailed embroidery work soon. Can’t wait to start stitching again!

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    2. Your stitching space is really nice. It looks like it has a lot of natural light. I really like your “ladder” unit too. If I ever have a bigger space I would love something similar. I really like you saying the you would like a comfy chair. That is the one thing I always say I want for my room but which is something that will never fit. Might have to start persuading my boyfriend to swap room and move my craft room into his office 😉

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      1. Good luck with that one! I’ve been relegated to the smallest room of the house 😉 but I now have a chair in the living room I can move around easily and get some lovely natural light for the less serious stitching sessions

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