As soon as I saw the kitten workshop advertised on the Squires Kitchen website as part of their annual exhibition (which is fab!) I knew I just had to attend it. I had seen photographs of the kittens from Debbie Brown’s baby cakes book in the Squires Kitchen magazines and they are just so cute, but also difficult to make myself. So I thought the workshop would give me the chance to see if I could  make one. On the day the tickets went on sale I was online before going of to work to make sure I would get a ticket, and I did!
About 15 other ladies and I attended Debbie’s workshop and it was really good. Although she was quite fast in explaining what to do, she was always on hand to give advice. Make the kitten was quite a challenge especially since it was going to be a black and white one, and the black colour just gets everywhere, so it is a challenge to keep the white white!
Normally the kittens have spongecake-balls or rice-crispy balls as their base, which means that they are entirely edible (apart from the wire whiskers). For the purpose of the workshop we used polystyrene balls instead, which means our kitten are not edible, last longer and we don’t need to worry about having to cut a kitten cake!

Debbie, my kitten and I

I am so pleased with the result as I never thought my kitten would look so good, and I am even more pleased I managed to get it back home in one piece via South West Trains, the London Underground, storage at the hotel, Eurostar and running and catching the train from Brussels to Roosendaal.
These are some close-ups of my kitten, some taken at the end of the workshop (just in case it did not survive the journey home) and some taken at home.

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2 replies on “Debbie Brown workshop

  1. Dat ziet er heel mooi uit Marloes. Ik denk dat je erg hebt genoten bij Squires. Helaas kon ik zelf niet. Maar afgelopen jaar heb ik een 5-daagse cursus gedaan ook oa. met Eddy Spence en Jan Clement. Het was fantastisch. Zulke heerlijke en oprechte mensen.



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