After finishing a project I am always at a loss what to do next, even though I always have some work in progress (WIP) still lying around or a new kit waiting for me. After finishing my ribbon work last Tuesday I decided to pick a a cross stitch WIP that has been on the go since last August. It is a 3d miniature church to match the village shop, the Castle inn and Foxglove cottage I have stitched previously. All of these kits are by the Nutmeg company. They are a lot of fun to stitch, but I have been getting a bit impatient with them as cross stitch kits are so much slower to complete than other types of surface embroidery! On the other hand I really enjoy the final result as it so different than any 2d design. In addition, having completed several miniatures it has already created a lovely group and with the church it will start to look like a proper village!

My three completed 3d miniature buildings

The church actually has not got a name but when I am stitching I am thinking about the church from the Vicar of Dibley TV-series (don’t ask me why!), so once mine is finished it will be St Barnabus church! Hopefully its large window won’t smash in the great storm!

Since Tuesday I have completed the stitching on the tower and I am currently busy stitching the nave.

The church in progress

Since the weather has been horrible this weekend with snow, sleet and black ice, I have had plenty of time for crafting this weekend. I have even started to teach myself crochet! Well, I suppose that is not entirely correct, because I have crocheted in the past but my technique is rather rusty and especially the counting needed some practise. So I got out my Little Course in Crochet book, a clover crochet hook and some practise yarn and started to get to grips with some of the stitches again. I have mastered slip stitches, double, half treble, treble and double treble crochet by now. I will try some finer yarn next and then try to master increases, decreases and working in the round during the next few weeks.

My goal? The Sheepjes CAL 2017! I just spotted this new CAL (crochet-along) last Friday and it looks lovely. From the pictures I have seen, it seems a straight scarf with some embroidered designs on it, so definitely my thing! The design is called Hygge and there are three colour-themes; rainbow, jewel & pastel. I will be stitching the latter. I am hoping I can manage it, maybe not as quickly as the CAL, but I am sure I will be learning a few new skills and hopefully create a lovely scarf in the process!


If you like more information about this CAL go to the Scheepjes wol website or their Facebook page and if you want to stitch along yourself join either the international or dutch CAL-group.

I will of course keep you posted on the progress of the church and of the CAL once it has started! Do let me know if you are stitching along too!

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2 replies on “Cross Stitch & Crochet

  1. Hi Marlous! I’m enjoying reading through your older posts. A few years ago I stitched a box, card & bookmark from the Nutmeg Company, so I was delighted to see your 3D houses! They’re gorgeous. I’ve always stitched cross stitch in the hand but your frame caught my attention. Would you mind telling me how the Aida is attached and what brand your frame is please? Many thanks 🙂

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    1. Hi Jen! Really nice to hear you are enjoying reading my posts. The frame is a no-sew mini frame from Siesta Frames. The have their own website. My post about finishing the church has a hyperlink to the frames. The aida is attached using the velcro strips Siesta Frame sells. They stick really well but you can pull them off relatively easy too, just make sure you don’t stick them too close to the area that will be stitched.


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